• Flexible and non-impact technology on our vibratory rollers extends the vibratory bearing’s working life to beyond 10,000 hours increasing productivity and reducing part wear.
  • With dual frequency and double amplitude vibratory mode, our rollers generate industry leading centrifugal compaction force.
  • With a larger diameter drum, combined with amplitude consistency and uniformity, we ensure that the optimum compaction force is delivered with fewer passes required.


Product Features


6626E-Tier 3

Operating Mass 26000 kg
Mass On Vibrating Drum 17200 kg
Mass On Drive Axle 8800 kg
Front Drum Static Linear Load 766 N/cm
Model Shangchai SC9DK240G3
Emission Regulation Stage III
Rated Power 177 kW (241hp) @ 2200 rpm
Vibration Frequency 28/33 Hz
Nominal Amplitude 1.8/1.8 mm
Centrifugal Force 480/375 kN
Drum Diameter 1700 mm
1st Maximum Speed, fwd 4.1 km/h
2nd Maximum Speed, fwd 5.6 km/h
3rd Maximum Speed, fwd 6.2 km/h
4th Maximum Speed, fwd 10.4 km/h
Theoretical Gradeability 50%
Min. GroundClearance 500 mm
Wheelbase 3250 mm
Min. Outside Turning Radius 7000 mm
Overall Length 6500 mm
Overall Width 2500 mm
Overall Height 3150 mm
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