• Tailored engine specifications and customized curves according to application requirements, low speed and high torque, good transient response, and improved acceleration and operating efficiency of the whole machine.
  • Multi-function electronic control guarantee, strong self-diagnosis, monitoring, protection ability, safe, reliable and easy to control, realize remote monitoring and management.
  • Easily respond to infrastructure construction conditions such as scenic beautification construction and new rural road construction.
  • It adopts a new generation of electronic control module (ECM) and leading intelligent electronic control technology to optimize the oil supply, and the effect of fuel saving and consumption reduction is better.


Product Features


913E-Tier 3 / Stage IIIA

Operating weight with cab 13500 kg
Engine power 74 kW (99 hp / 101 ps) @ 2,200 rpm
Bucket capacity 0.36 – 0.58 m³
Maximum travel speed (High) 5 km/h
Maximum travel speed (Low) 3.2 km/h
Maximum swing speed 13 rpm
Arm breakout force 64.9 kN
Bucket breakout force 89.8 kN
Shipping length 7750 mm
Shipping width 2490 mm
Shipping height 2930 mm
Track shoe width (std) 500 mm
Boom 4600 mm
Arm 2500 mm
Digging reach 8300 mm
Digging reach on ground 8170 mm
Digging depth 5470 mm
Vertical wall digging depth 4770 mm
Cutting height 8760 mm
Dumping height 6310 mm
Minimum front swing radius 2470 mm
Model Cummins QSF 3.8
Emission Stage IIIA
System maximum flow 2×120 L/min (2×32 gal/min)
System pressure 34.3 MPa
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